Welcome to the World of OPatch

Petek, 2. junij 15:45 - 16:30
Težavnost: Intermediate
Dvorana: A
Področje: DBA
Jezik: Angleščina

Every DBA knows the small but important tool OPatch, which is mandatory for applying patches to an Oracle Home. Over the last years and versions, new tools, such as opatchauto, oplan or datapatch have been added, or features have been improved.

When using OPatch, the following questions often come up:

  1. How exactly do I use these tools or when can I not use these tools?
  2. How do I use Opatch to remove backups of old patches?
  3. How do I use OPlan to patch my complete cluster?
  4. How do I use datapatch to apply the changes to my databases?
  5. ...

The presentation will answer all these questions and provide some deep dive information into OPatch. Newer features like for example out-of-place patching will also be part of the presentation. Additionally, pitfalls and how to overcome them will be shown.

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