Jure BratinaDBA

With more than 15 years of experience with working autonomously in a team administering, tuning and patching 40 production and 130 test/QA database instances including all types of architectures, such as Single Instance, Real Application Clusters (RAC) on Exadata and Data Guard environments. Experience configuring, patching and testing DataGuard configurations. My daily responsibilities are not just to keep the databases running smoothly, but to provide guidance for improvements on overall procedures.

I'm passionate and curious about Oracle's database technology and really enjoy working with it, especially when there's a puzzle to solve, like finding a root-cause of a performance problem or evaluating different implementation models for a given task. Being constantly in touch and active in the vibrant Oracle community allows me to gain new experience and knowledge from other experts and engineers, to readily adapt to technology advancements and to learn from others’ mistakes and suggestions.

To be as close to the experts as possible, I also volunteer in our Oracle User Group and organize events with international and local speakers. Besides gaining new knowledge, this allows me to get personally in touch with many well known and affirmed international Oracle experts.

I believe communication is key to success, and I have proficient communication skills, when interacting with business and technical customers. I have experience working under stressful conditions and have proven problem analysis and root-cause search and resolution skills. I enjoy working both in the teams as on my own.